Dell 48hr Rush sale: E207WFP 20" TFT $289! Dell 2400MP $1199! Dell 3110cn $549!

3 December 2007

Thes are 48hr specials from the dell home site.

The 20" TFT is $60 off regular price.

The Dell 2400MP projector is $300 off

The 3110cn Networked colour laser printer is $350 off

Just click through to dell home site and click the 48hr rush banner


  • sandgroper
  • gstok
    Is the link here correct? It takes me to the product page for the Inspiron 1520. I think it should be: ] Please note that if you use this link we will not be able to track your Buckscoop cashback Hope you don't mind Gstok, just a little warning so that people know we can't chase any sales down if they click through that link. I would use the 'Go to Deal' button to pick up the cookie and use search.I am trying to sort the Dell link but wont hear from them until tomorrow. Thanks Nod
  • sandgroper
    The tracking for bucky cashback wont work if you use gstok's link, but dells site appears to be broken in that the "go To deal" button should land you on the Home site main page and it doesnt any more. Please use the "go To deal" button and then click on Home/Home office to get to the 48hr banner then click through from there.
  • gstok
    Oops, sorry, forgot about the cashback bizzo!

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