Dell 3hr sale today only. Save 15% on Vostro laptops over $1000

18 December 2008

Head over to the Dell small business site and click on the Sale banner to see the deals.

Use the coupons there at checkout Between 2-5pm Eastern Daylight Time

3 Hour Sale : 15% Off Vostro Laptops above $1,000 with coupon code : 6XTPG0M3PNCBC2


  • sandgroper
  • stilted
    HAHA We're sorry, the coupon code you have entered has already expired or has reached the maximum redemption limit. Have to love Dell Thanks for the great xmas gift!
  • sandgroper
    Yes I get that too, I think someone boobed and forgot to switch the coupon use on yet, if you find something you want just keep trying it till it comes live. Perhaps a note in this thread when anyone finds its working.
  • Wally
    Now they think they can distort temporal constructs with their cunning Marketing 2-5pm is not 2-5 minutes you twits!!! Edit: no reflection on you Sandy - thx for the handsup - but Dell is getting a bit Dull IMHO
  • nod
    anyone actually got the code to work?
  • stilted
    now working!!
  • admin EDITOR
    Thanks stilted

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