Dell 30" TFT 3007WFP HC Ultrasharp Widescreen down from $1798 to just $1337

22 October 2007

Limited time offer on this fab big screen!

To reach the deal click through to dell and enter ecode Q1430WHCG-web into the ecode finder boxes.

Comes with a Senniheiser Gaming Headset too and 3years warranty

Bucky cashback too.


  • nod
    30" screen Sounds cool. Not a bad price either - thanks Sandy. Nice warranty too
  • Emma EDITOR
    Agreement here - great price, great warranty! Great screen! I want one!
  • sandgroper
    This deal is also still available long after I thought it would get pulled.
  • natimuk
    Crazy... I got mine for $1599 less than two months back. And that was without the headset.
  • nod
    I am seriously tempted too :o
  • sandgroper
    Still available for those who are hovering on the edge ;)

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