DELL 27" LCD Monitor for only $1197

14 September 2007

Dell are currently doing a "by telephone only" deal for their ultra sharp and very trendy large LCD monitor. Call DELL Australia on 1800-812-393 and ask for the "Family & Friends" pricing.


  • Brad
    Welcome to Buckscoop goahead.
  • Emma EDITOR
    Hello goahead, and a warm welcome to the Buckscoop forums. How did you hear about this deal, may I ask? :)
  • goahead
    Hi, thanks for the welcome. Came across the deal because I've been looking to purchase the Dell monitor for months now but being an architectural student (the strange gone back to Uni mature type) money is a bit tight. So working on the principle of "don't ask don't get" I called Dell this morning and bingo ... give away price so I thought I'd let others know.
  • sandgroper
    Thanks for the info goahead :) Well found! If you can front the cash to buy both a Vostro laptop and 27" screen it still works out cheaper that way and you get BS cashback too.
  • admin EDITOR
    Thanks goahead. I thought that Dell had closed this loophole down - but obviously not.
  • nod
    Welcome to Buckscoop Goahead :flowers: Thats a very good price considering you usually pay that for the 24"
  • skcmok
    According to this thread: Coupon code for online ordering is 3913375CC0FA for the 2707WFP (e-value code Q142707WE-WEB)
  • admin EDITOR
    ta skcmok - thats what we were missing. Nice one.
  • goahead
    There's no coupon code needed that I know of, call and ask for the Family and Friends deal on the 2707WFP, that's all I was told yesterday when I ordered mine.
  • Brad
    Welcome to Buckscoop skcmok! thanks for the extra info
  • sandgroper
    Coupon for the 27" TFT expires 20th September.
  • wheadle
    G'day Skcmok. Welcome to Buckscoop land

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