Dell 27 Inch Ultrasharp Widescreen LCD FULL HD 1080P + 926 printer + HDMI Cable $998 delivered

1 July 2008


Only 3 days left on this offer.

Click through and head for the monitor section, the price for this is $998.80 but if you want to give it a try coupon code 391174B18CD9 takes $90 off this price though you may get the order refused as the coupon isnt for general use.

Comes with
R840166 - Dell All-In-One Printer 926
KG-LTO (FY017) - PureAV(TM) HDMI(TM) Interface-to-DVI Video Cable

3 Years Premium Panel Warranty, Advance Exchange (Next Business Day)
1 year warranty on the printer


  • sandgroper
  • nod
    Thanks Sandy. The printer is worth about $100 so you are getting the monitor (excluding the cable) for around $900 which is a good buy. Samsung 27" start at around $1000. Viewsonics are cheaper but personally I would prefer a Dell with a 3 year warranty Approx Buckscoop cashback = $27
  • trevorf
    Even though the printer maybe worth 100, it's not that great. Probably has no resale value too.
  • nod
    You know the printer Trevorf? Is it rubbish?
  • kingyubbo
    EPP Discount gets you 10% off that if you're eligible

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