Dell 24" Full HD Widescreen Flat Panel $369 delivered PLUS 3% Bucky cashback

26 January 2009

Not an ultrasharp but it is a 24" screen for under $400. If you qualify for the EPP or NRMA discount then you can get a further 10% off.
You will not qualify for Buckscoop cashback if you use a discount code


  • fishmonkey
    for those who don't know, these Dell screens are a 16:9 aspect ratio (like a widescreen TV), not the usual 16:10 ratio of almost all widescreen computer monitors... this makes them good for watching movies or game playing, but some people might find the screen a bit narrow from top to bottom, depending on what you use your computer for... still very few reviews on these around, but they are cheap for the size, with HDMI, DVI-D (with HDCP) and VGA inputs...
  • eggles
    ] RAC members can use 10% code and think NRMA. You can try ]here for 10% off

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