Dell 24" 2408WFP Ultrasharp Flat Panel Monitor+Data traveller 2GB now $799 @ Dell

4 June 2008

Click through and select monitors from the top tabs or search for R112408WHC-web
Its been this price before but not for a while.

Dell 24" 2408WFP Ultrasharp Flat Panel Monitor includes PureAV(TM) HDMI(TM) Interface-to-DVI Video Cable as well.

And Kingston 2 GB DataTraveler 100 USB Flash Drive

3 Years Premium Panel Warranty, Advance Exchange (Next Business Day)

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  • Wally
    Interesting, But I cannot fully undertand why the gamit? rating of this machine makes it so much more expensive than the so called 'Entry' 24" panel that usually sells ~$AU 549

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