Dell 22" Entry (E228WFP) LCD Monitor for $299

28 February 2008

Dell 22" Entry (E228WFP) Wide Screen Flat Panel LCD Monitor (Analog & DVI Only) 1 Year Midnight Grey $ 299

There's quite a few left, I picked up one for the misses. Similar to other ~300 22" LCDs, but you have the nice Dell warranty with it, and maybe nicer looking bezel. :)


  • admin EDITOR
    not a bad price - thanks trevor. These are refurbs for anyone looking. Doesnt mean they're knackered - just returns.
  • admin EDITOR
    still a fairly newish model too Original sale price was $400.
  • trevorf
    These ain't refurbs, just orders which have been cancelled/returned, unopened units. The refurbs goto graysonline.

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