Dell 20 Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor - $329

28 May 2007

Search for keyword E207WFP to get to this deal

Dell 20 Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor
Online Price

E-Value Code: Q14207W


  • nod
    Thanks for the tip Vincent As there are loads of the monitors - how does this compare for picture quality?
  • nod
    Vincent I don't seem to be able to find the item when I search :(
  • sandgroper
    Use keyword E207WFP to find the deal from the landing page or click monitors from that page and then select 20 to 22" monitors from the next page.
  • nod
    Not sure what happened there, but thanks Sandgroper what do you think of the deal?
  • sandgroper
    I put the keyword in the deal Nod, just in case you thought you missed it first time around ;-) Its a nice price for a 20" widescreen monitor, but be aware that it is Dell entry level as the price reflects and there is a big jump in price from this to the ultrasharp models. Having said that it will be fine for those who spend a little less time in front of the screen than I do!
  • nod
    Hehehehehe Point noted :D Thanks for the feedback.

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