Deals Direct - USB Video Grabber - VCR to PC, MPEG and DVD + Buckscoop Cashback

9 July 2009

Capture and edit video from analogue devices
With EasyCap USB video grabber, you can capture high quality video and audio files from your analogue devices such as VHS, V8 and Hi8 directly and transfer them to your computer via USB. You can then save them in digital formats such as MPEG1/2 for easy viewing, sharing and uploading to the internet, or copy them to DVD. Don't let your outdated videos go to waste when you can preserve, share, store and edit them on your PC!

Record to DVD, VCD and more!
High speed rendering and real time performance means less time waiting and more time creating. With this package you can copy, edit, create and render your video files and then burn them onto disc (providing your computer has a burner).

Includes professional video editing software

$39.95 + $6.95 shipping + cashback!


  • fishmonkey
    a bit of Googling says that getting the drivers to install and work properly can be a bit of a problem with these, but when they work they do a good job... however, you can get them for USD10.99 (about $14 at the moment) delivered from DealExtreme... although DealExtreme have even older stock than DealsDirect, and are shipping Ulead Video Studio 8.0, whereas DealsDirect are shipping Ulead Video Studio 10.0 (the current version is X2)... if you already have some video editing software then it probably doesn't matter much either way...
  • modtang
    OO have it $1 cheaper too. Don't know about postage to all locations but its $8.35 to Wollongong, NSW.
  • fishmonkey
    also noticed that OO is offering a 12 month warranty, and DealsDirect a "superb 30 day warranty"...

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