Deals Direct - Samsung T10 8GB MP3 Player with 2" QVGA screen - $74.95 + $5.95 shipping + Cashback

30 June 2008

The T10 is slim and sleek, easy to use and big on features.

The T10 is just under 8mm slim, only 43g and with Bluetooth 2.0 capability it represents the ultimate in wireless portability. The T10 incorporates cutting-edge technology to deliver both a crisp sound and vision experience with a fun GUI. The QVGA LCD screen (video playback at 30 frames-per-second), will deliver a super clear picture and SAMSUNGs patented DNSe (Digital Natural Sound engine) technology will ensure a natural and rich sound.

Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity
Bluetooth 2.0 means freedom from wires. Transfer files or enjoy your music and video wirelessly. The T10 can connect to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously, while a third user can listen through the earphones provided.

2'' QVGA movie
The T10 has a 2 QVGA screen which plays back video at an impressive 30 frames-per-second. The picture is super clear and great for watching videos and images on the go.

Slim & Portable
At only 7.9mm slim and 43 gram light, the T10 fits perfectly in your palm or pocket for a truly portable video and music player.


  • ethanol
    Forgot to mention. This is apparently 72% off ($195). Cheapest places on StaticIce for the 8GB version are > $200!!
  • kingyubbo
    Tis a freakin bargain. They do sell for $200+ at most places.
  • ethanol
    Thats what I thought - anyway I've gone for one - I'm surprised that there hasn't been more interest!
  • Double
    Sold out =(
  • admin EDITOR
    Very good find ethanol - hot vote from me.

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