Deals Direct Conia 32inch LCD TV with HD Tuner $599+29.95 postage + Buckscoop Cashback

20 September 2009

Hi all

Deals Direct have just done a price drop on their 32 inch LCD TV from Conia. So far all 5 star reviews. The actual price after Bucky cashback is about $561.26 + 29.95 postage. So effectively under $600. I'm not really up to date with what these things go for but a quick search revealed that most of these sizes and specs (Note this is NOT a true 1080 HD model) go for around the $700 - $900 price range. So it's a good deal by my calculations.

Anyway enough of my ramblings, From the website:

Price Slashed! Offer only valid until 30/09/09. After promotion, price will back to $639. Only while stocks last!

The CONIA 32 LCD TV with Built-in HD Tuner comes in an exquisite design and is stocked direct from the manufacturers. With its built-in HD (High definition) tuner and speakers, this package offers everything you would need from a quality TV, the viewing experience is simply exceptional, the entire package - very good value for money. Its slim and stylish design with a desktop stand included will complement any room in your home.

Enjoy crisp, pristine and vivid picture quality images on High Definition LCD TV, watch high definition digital channels and play HD video games!

80cm LCD TV, piano black finish
Korea Panel
Resolution: 1366X768
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
HDTV Compatibility: 1080p/1080i/720p
Contrast: 1000:1
Brightness: 450cd/m2
Viewing Angel(H/V): 176
Response Time: 8ms
HDMI input
Coaxial Output
AV Stereo Sound System
Built-in HD Tuner
Full Function Remote Control
Inbuilt Speakers and Desktop Stand Included

Unit Dimension: 800x240x580 mm
Net weight: 17.5kg

12 Month Manufacturer's Warranty



  • blondieo
    Anybody have experience with this brand? They don't get such good reviews here Conia CLCD3220 Flat Panel Television Reviews Australia
  • cnitso
    I have a Conia DVD recorder and had another DVD player. the recorder is going well. I've had it for 18 months now. I think I brought it at Wow, they were flogging them off real cheap. I had the player in another room, I bought it 2nd hand for 20 bux and it went well for about 6 months before suddenly dying. As for these TV's, so far on DealsDirect there are 14 good reviews for them. Look Conia is a budget brand and I don't think anyone can really vouch for them. I posted it only after seeing what ppl had to say about it in their reviews. Those reviews that you posted are for a diff and outdated model Blondleo - this one has HDMI input. The one being reviewed in your link is a CLCD3220. The model being sold on DD is a CL3201HD not a CLCD3220 as in that review above. Here is the website for this TV from the manufacturer: conia At this stage all reviews on DD are very positive for this model, but I guess with a budget brand like Conia, u could say that the more positive reviews, the closer you are to getting that one dud LOL.
  • blondieo
    LOL, I wasn't having a go at you cnitso, I was just wondering about the brand 'cus I've honestly never heard of them! It seems like a really good price for a 32" and I was just wondering what they're like, 'cus wouldn't want to spend that much money & not know what the company's reputation is like. I just googled conia to get some feedback that's what that link is. Thanks for that extra info though . :)
  • fishmonkey
    yes Conia is budget brand, and i would be especially wary of buying anything from them since Pebble Electronics went into administration earlier this year (although apparently they are still operating): there's a fairly informative thread on Whirlpool about Conia TVs here: ]CONIA 42 FULL HD LCD TV, is this good? - Home Theatre
  • fishmonkey
    also, IMO it isn't a good idea to put much credence in the Deals Direct reviews for several reasons: 1. they are not independent 2. they are one-liners 3. 14/14 of the reviews give 5/5 stars ideally, it helps other Buckscoopers out if reviews that are mentioned in a deal are at least sourced from an independent source...
  • golfwidow
    Looks fine. Thanks cnitso :)

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