Deals Direct - Arista 8 Way Surge Protected Powerboard for $29.95 + $6.95 shipping

30 December 2009

Hey all,

Just thought i'd let you know about this powerboard going up for sale on I have one which I bought from CotD a few months back and its been of great use to me :) and when CotD sell it now they are sellin it for $35 + shipping I think so this is a better bargain :P heres the details!

Power surges can be dangerous and costly, therefore this Arista PB-852K 8 Way Surge Protected Powerboard is ideal for your home or office if such an occasion occurs. Featuring 8 individual outlets, this valuable powerboard will provide the ultimate protection to keep your electrical devices safe.


* Arista PB-852K 8 Way Surge Protected Powerboard.
* Powerboard and surge suppressor.
* 8 way individual on/off.
* AC filter and overload protection.
* Telephone line protection.
* Satellite TV aerial surge suppressor.
* 1.2 metre lead with insulated pins.
* Power rating: 230-240V AC 50Hz.
* Current: 10A.
* Surge current: 52000 amps.
* Telephone line: Max impulse spark <1200V.
* Max impulse discharge.
* Current: EMI & RFI, response time: <5pf.

Again, shipping is $6.95, happy shopping!


  • fishmonkey
    helpful info on surge protectors here: HowStuffWorks "Surge Protector Ratings" the critical specs aren't listed on the Deals Direct site, so you can't really tell if those boards are decent or not... also, "response time: < 5pf" is nonsensical...
  • frogduck
    Alright, to help out the techies out there, I got some specs from my packaging. Clamping Voltage: <775V (at 50A) [not good according to howstuffworks] Energy Absorption: 1550 Joules [great according to howstuffworks] Response Time: <2 Nos [not good according to howstuffworks] I'm not too sure how far out these values are to good (in terms of everyday use) but there you go :) more stats!
  • admin EDITOR
    Makes me chuckle how a 2 nanosecond response time can be not good - but I guess thats all it takes for the charge to fry your circuits.
  • admin EDITOR
    I've never actually used one myself (touch wood). I can understand the science behind them but remain sceptical of the real life utility.
  • fishmonkey
    it really depends on where you live and how stable the mains power supply is... from what i've read mains power in Australian cities is pretty decent, so surge protectors are not critical... if possible it's also better to avoid having your more delicate electronics gear sharing power points or power circuits in your house with things like fridges/freezers/washing machines/air conditioners/etc... i.e. big clunky stuff that switches on and off all the time...
  • frogduck
    I've never actually used one myself (touch wood). I can understand the science behind them but remain sceptical of the real life utility.
    Yeh, i haven't really used many before, and the main reason i wanted this one was because it has 8 points and also has a $150 000 insurance on it for a year :D but yeah, mainly for the 8 points :)
  • admin EDITOR
    I reckon if you can get a surge protected board like this for around the same price you'd pay for a bog standard once - go for it. :) - have you read the insurance policy yet frogduck?

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