Deals Direct - 4GB Portable Flash Drive USB2.0 - Portable Hard Drive $24.95 Shipped (Paypal Offer)

23 June 2008

Flash Drives are always essential, and very handy when you need to quickly and efficiently transfer files between PCs, mp3 players, or anything else you want to plug it into!

This flash drive is also both PC and Mac compatible, so it's bound to be useful for everyone, whether your young, older, a student or worker.


* Replaces floppies and CDs
* Ultra portable storage device
* Driverless (Except Win98)
* USB standard interface/hot plug and play
* No external power request
* Small, light, shocked and moisture-proof
* One LED indicator
* Capacity 4GB
* Can be written and erased one million times
* Portable data storage and exchange
* USE 2.0 compliant
* Length - approx 7cm

System Requirements

* USB Interface
* Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, MAC OS9.X, Linux 2.4X


  • nod
    nice price delivered :) Thanks Lilpretzel
  • lilpretzel
    What the, is this what happens when they have free shipping? They have put the price up on these to $24.95 from $19.95 :rolleyes:
  • bigal
    hmm it was showing 19.95 in my shopping cart (had it there approximatly 12.30) and then when I just logged in and checked out it shows the price at $24.95 that is pretty scred up
  • stilted
    The Kingston 4gb one is $22.95 (non retractable version) - looks a bit better quality then the deals direct branded one.

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