DEALS DIRECT - 4gb flash drive $24.95 + $1.95 shipping, BS cash back

12 March 2008

Price drop - this flash drive was $29.95. Not sure how in competes with the 2gb San Disk and 4gb Rambo posted yesterday.

From site:

* Replaces floppies and CDs
* Ultra portable storage device
* Driverless (Except Win98)
* USB standard interface/hot plug and play
* No external power request
* Small, light, shocked and moisture-proof
* One LED indicator
* Capacity 4GB
* Can be written and erased one million times
* Portable data storage and exchange
* USE 2.0 compliant
* Length - approx 7cm

System Requirements

* USB Interface
* Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, MAC OS9.X, Linux 2.4X"

Some confusion about post - junk mail (newsletter) says $1.95; site says $5.95. If you buy, please let us know how postage was charged.


  • ScarletRubies
    Going through checkout, $5.95 postage still applies. If I was going to buy for real, I'd write to customer service with reference to the newsletter (here).
  • nod
    Hey Ruby, I removed the $1 shipping on Automotive items you had attached to the deal as this is not actually relevant :D But this is : ]$10/$20 voucher from Deals Direct - to get this offer you need to spend over $50/$100 :)
  • nod
    I just checked the DD site and they have the shipping now listed as $1.95 :)
  • ScarletRubies
    Ta, Nod. I get a bit flaky sometimes, and some of the vouchers lately have been titled creatively - I get SO confused! :) I thought the $1 shipping voucher had other relevant info, and the other $10/$20 wasn't listed as a voucher I don't think. But ignore me. I have a severe man cold. It must be a man cold, cos I got it from my husband.
  • nod
    LOL re the man cold :D I agree about the titles... sometimes I do get a bit confused too :D

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