Deal Extreme - Super R4i Revolution SDHC MicroSD/TF Multimedia Flash Cart for NDSi/NDS/DS Lite

2 October 2009

I'm not sure whether these have been listed on Buckscoop but, seeing as they sell them at the markets for $45, I thought it was certainly worth a mention.

These cards support the Nintendo DSi as well as the DS. They are fantastic cards.

Deal Extreme also have free delivery on all their stuff. Mind you, it ususally takes about three weeks to get it!


  • lilpretzel
    Thanks brehaut! Just remember you will also need a [FONT=Verdana]MicroSD card[/FONT] to put the games on ;) Another good card is the ]TopToy DSTT Card for NDS Lite + Sandisk 2GB TF US$14.24 Don't forget deal extreme uses US$ currency :)
  • brehaut
    Yep, I've actually got the TopToy one myself but thought the other was a pretty good deal as well! The price I have posted is in Australian dollars!
  • samia786
    I got the m3 real ds card for my son from here (cant remember the price) and it has been fantastic. I searched a lot of forums and a lot of people had recomended the m3 ds real. Just remind kids about homebrew and freeware/shareware applications. Piracy habbits picked up early will unfortunately last a lifetime. If they know the altenatives available, atleast they will think about it.
  • frogduck
    Also, the one in the original post supports DSi, whereas the Toptoy DSTT and the M3 real don't support it unless you get the DSTTi or the M3i zero i think. and even though they do support the DSi, you will need to update the firmware to the latest to get it fully working :) edit: oh, and personally I prefer the ]acekard 2i, so thats another alternative, but keep in mind it doesnt come with a microsd card or a microsd card reader

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