Deal Extreme - Headset for Microsoft Xbox 360 - $4.88AUD & Free Shipping

14 November 2009

Priced at $4.56USD, works out about $4.88AUD for me, really not expecting it to be the best quality, but I don't find the original Xbox headset to be that great anyway...

The microsoft headset retails for over $20, so this looks like a good & cheap alternative.

Price may change due to exchange rates*


  • gaxx
    theres another referral link here again :( ~r.71752613 from the link posted
  • lilpretzel
    Thanks for the heads up gaxx, link has been fixed ;) I've never seen an referral link like that before :confused:
  • gaxx
    they are basically just normal links with ~r.(affiliate number here) I use them for some of my youtube videos.
  • admin EDITOR
    The price on this has dropped to $3.78 - although I'm not sure its a quality buy myself.

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