Deal Extreme - 5 x Mini Pig Flashlights for US$1.85 delivered!

31 March 2009

These are so cute, would make a great gift! ***I JUST PAID VIA PAYPAL AND WITH THEIR BAD CONVERSION RATE IT CAME TO JUST $2.81 AUD DELIVERED!!!***

Add 5 to your basket and use the code to get US$2.05 off which brings price down to $1.85 !

There are lots of other cheap little things kids would love on the site that you can substitute for one or more of the piggies. Eg invisible ink pen (US$1.57 each)


  • nod
    They are supposed to have a good light on them too which is a bit of a surprise. Thanks Lisss
  • NoosieB
    OK, couldn't resist - I have just ordered 5 mini pigs AND, for a couple of crazy Star Wars fans, have ordered a couple of the lightsabers. They'll be the envy of all their Star Wars crazed friends! :D
  • frogduck
    ah yeah, i tried to look into my pig flashlight and it hurts :( lol
  • NoosieB
    You dingdong frogduck! LOL. Were you "blinded by the light" for sometime after? :w00t: I'll not look into my piggies nose when they arrive - I'll just take your word for it!
  • frogduck
    yes :( i was surprised how bright 78c usd or however much they were could be :)
  • Tran
    yay! thanx for this, i love my LED's. got the 3 piggies, lightsaber and a 3.5mm audio cable.
  • lisss
    NoosieB has your order arrived? Mine hasn't and this is a lot longer than I've had to wait for other deal extreme orders so I'm getting a bit worried... hmm
  • NoosieB
    Hi liss - yes, I got my parcel a couple of weeks ago. Probably closer to 3 weeks back. The piggies were a hit with the kids! They sure are bright. But the absolute clear winner were the light sabers for the boys! Hope you get them soon. :)

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