David Jones - Sony Bravia 46" EX500 $1023.05

15 May 2010

This is a little bit of a process but boy is it worth it!!

Current DJ have a deal with Amex where if you join up to get a DJ amex card $99 you get $200 in gift vouchers (household income must be greater than $60K and applicants must be over 18).
Sony have a deal where they give you a free PS3 for this model of TV ($25 delivery cost)
Previously the EX500 was on special at $1749 but there was no PS3 deal. I asked if they could match this previos special and they did one better and gave me a price of $1700. I rang round and noone else would touch this price!!

How I got the best deal

$1700 pricematch
plus $99x2 (both my wife and I joined the DJ amex program)
less $200x2 (after we used the card outside a DJ store for the first time we each got 27000 points which we used as $200 vouchers)
plus $25 for postage of the PS3
less $499.95 (value of PS3)

$1023.05 (or $1523 plus a free PS3 120GB)

Your mileage may vary but at present DJ are offering double the warranty on Sony Bravias for free.
If you want the extended warranty for a full 5 years, I would recommend using the Sony warranty which you must purchase within the first year at $199. It is the same cost as the DJ one but with DJ you need to pay for it at time of purchase. Essentially the same warranty with the one exception....DJ warranty have a Lemon clause....if there is 3 warranty claims withing the extended period then they will replace the item for a new one.


  • admin EDITOR
    :) - good deal
  • nod
    Great deal. A bit of messing around but as you say. Worth it. Thanks :)
  • ninkasi
    Hi QuirkyKiwi - which DJs was it? Might ask at the local DJs here, but might help to know who was offering the $1700 deal.... even without the mucking around with vouchers, the $1700 with free PS3 - so $1200 for a 46 inch tv - is a pretty decent deal....
  • QuirkyKiwi
    It was the Castle Towers Store. They pricematched their own price (weird I know). I mentioned that one of my family members had got a great price from them before for the 40 inch when the EX500s first came out (about 2 months ago) and the salesman offered to match those prices, but then offered me an even better deal of the $1700. Their standard price appears to be $1944 (as they gave me a pricematch discount of $244 on my receipt). Steven the salesman there said that he could offer the same price to one of my colleagues, so maybe you could ask for him directly? He was very helpful to me.
  • ninkasi
    Thanks.... I'm in Melbourne so Castle Towers might be a bit of a drive... ;-) Will talk it over with management (ie my wife!) and if given the go-ahead will see if the local DJs will match the price.... Cheers
  • bt34
    Misleading thread title. Got me very excited as I already have a ps3 and was only interested in the tv.
  • ninkasi
    You can always sell the ps3.... Mate of mine sold his last year on eBay with a similar deal and pretty much got full price....

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