D-Link Dwl-7700Ap Airpremierag 11/54/108Mb Wireless Outdoor @ Wyntec ....... $1.10.....!!

29 September 2007

Hows this for a cheap way to extend wireless to those areas that you get crappy reception in...!

I havent even bothered testing the price on this because I suspect its a bargain.

Its an outdoor antenna, 802.11 a/g so its compatible with pretty much all the cards out there at the moment but it'll get you 108mb which is neat.

Am still laughing at the price.... it'll cost more to post the thing


  • admin EDITOR
    The detailed spec can be found ]here on the Dlink site.
  • admin EDITOR
    I see this one has stayed at $1.10 though. Not sure why.
  • trevorf
    Still weekend, so no one to look over the orders and make changes to the pricing yet.
  • admin EDITOR
    heya trevorf - welcome to buckscoop. I dunno about that - they picked up the price error on this one pretty quickly. http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/showthread.php?t=4174 :) but for some reason they've not done this one although there's 3 we know of that have been ordered. I bet there was a few expletives flying around when they got the orders through for the switch.
  • lisss
    haha good deal, would have bought one but they're sold out now!!
  • admin EDITOR
    no way..... :D - classic. It would actually have been a very very neat way of wiring your whole house / property up for next to nothing. At least you would have been able to maintain a really strong signal quality.
  • admin EDITOR
    I'll exipire in on the basisc that its now out of stock - but if anyone wants to take a punt that they'll get more in at this price - knock yourselves out.
  • admin EDITOR
    Thanks gr23 and welcome to buckscoop. Rabid posters are always welcome. :) The page is still active but when you add the arial to your cart it goes through to a page that gives the following message "Products marked with *** don't exist in desired quantity in our stock. You can buy them anyway and check the quantity we have in stock for immediate deliver in the checkout process."
  • gr23
    Lol... Thanks Admin - didn't get that far to get that message... :-)
  • nod
    WELCOME TO BUCKSCOOP Trevorf and gr23 Great to see you posting :)

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