Cygnett MP3 Player Starter Kit for $32.45 (including shipping) + 4.95% cashback!!

17 March 2008

Inside this kit, you'll find everything a budding MPthreeist needs to get started, speakers, earbuds, car charger and more:

Groove Micro: Mini Fold-Up Speakers
Perfect for travel and home user when you want to share your favourite tunes. Folds neatly into a cube for easy portability and runs off 4 x AAA batteries (not included)

EarBud Audio Splitter: Audio Splitter
Music is made to be shared - so share the MP3 experience with the person sitting next to you

GrooveLink Tape: Cassette Adapter
Listen to your MP3 Player on the road through your car stereo's cassette player. Enjoy your favorite music anywhere you go.

GrooveBuds: EarBud Headphone
Stylish and comfortable earbuds using the latest in micro sound technology for crisp clear music wherever you go.

GrooveTransit Cable: 3.5mm to stereo RCA silicon cable
24ct gold-plated connectors 3.5mm to Stereo RCA. Great flexibility and durability. Very handy and versatile, can be used with MP3 player, laptop, CD player and any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone socket.

USB Car Charger
The USB Car Charger, allows charging MP3 players with USB charging right in your car. This piece alone is worth the entire purchase price!

(Note: Combine shipping and pay only for the most expensive shipping then you will receive 50% combined shipping discount for any additional items purchased in single order ~ text from craftykiwi)


  • nod
    Sorry to say Photo that the voucher you added does not work with this deal as you need to spend over $50 to qualify. I was given a set of freebie speakers very similar to those with my phone and the sound quality is not the best.
  • photographyisart
    i added the voucher if people bought other things with this and then they could use it.
  • nod
    ah cool. thanks :)

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