Cybershop massive 4 day Notebook sale ends 31 Dec. Up to 33% off!!

27 December 2007

I checked the price on ASUS PRO31SC-25C and it was at least $100 cheaper than elseware. Make sure you check prices elseware though as some are not cheapest.


10% Off Entire Range of Notebook Carry Cases
Up to 80%-50% Off Notebook Memory.
(So Upgrade your RAM and don't compromise on the performances)
Minimum 20% Off Netgear, D-Link and Belkin Products in-store
Minimum 10% Off Logitech Notebook Accessories.
Harmony All-in One Remote only $94.97. Was $199.95
BenQ 22" Widescreen LCD Display only $329
Belkin N1 Wireless Modem/Router @ 300MBPS only $249

Plus Many More. So Be in Early and don't be dissapointed!


  • leny
    That's a reasonable deal. :) I'm on the lookout for Apples though. :)
  • gstok
    leny, seems a few online stores are offering 5% off all Apple desktops/notebooks so worth looking out for.

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