Creative Zen Vision M 30GB White @ minidigital $345

19 December 2006

This is a very good price from minidisc on this unit. Shipping comes in at $12 so a little on the high side but it still puts the price anywhere up to $80 less than its listed elsewhere.

Dont forget they also give cashback. Out of interest minidisc also price match so if you can find it cheaper elsewhere in AU and in stock let them know. The benefit would be if you found someone cheaper who didnt give cashback you'd combine the price match with cashback and it would be the absolutely cheapest price you'd find anywhere.

What hasnt this thing got
Loads of entertainment without the load

Smaller and better than ever before. The ZEN VISION:M does more than play your videos, photos and music. It displays them in their true glory on a vibrant, large full-color screen. Perfect for road trips long or short, carry your entertainment in the palm of your hand. Available in a light 30GB model, take your pick from 3 colors - green, black and white.

120 hours of movies1
Tens of thousands of photos
An amazing 15,000 songs2
Movie and Photo Slideshows
2.5" high-definition LCD screen
Vertical Touch Pad
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery 14 hrs music (4 movies)
FM radio & recorder
Personal Organizer
Voice recorder
Full access to online music stores

18/07 - have edited this deal as the price has come down to 345. Not sure how that stands up to the rest of the market so just check before buying if you are.


  • Homer
    I'm a little curious about if I should get this or a 30 gig iPod. This thing seems to have more features. Is it just as high quality?
  • admin EDITOR
    have edited this one as the price has come down to $345. Probably should be more given that its reasonably old technology now.
  • nod
    They seem to hold their value well. You pay the same price for the 30gb iPOd
  • diider
    I got my bf the 60gb one for $329 from Myer about a month and a half ago and we paid extra for 3 yrs warranty so this is not that much of a bargain but I guess it's still cheaper than an Ipod and better in terms of specs since Ipods are overrrated anyway( I'm biased :o ) And I just paid $479 for a 60gb zen vision w (4.3" screen :D) from Tandy's 3 weeks ago and I love it. It's on minidisc as well for $469(slightly cheaper) but at Tandy's u can get additional warranty and I dont think u can online so it's worth having a look at DSE and Tandy's as they are getting rid of Creative's older models I've been told and the extended warranty really helps as most devices tend to screw up right after their warranties are void. Just my 2 cents :)
  • nod
    Apple store have got a 60gb refrub iPOd for $319 - that is a pretty good deal

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