Creative Zen Micro 8GB $278.95 delivered from Deals Direct

21 February 2007

$278.95 for the Zen Micro 8GB is a good price. Not earth shattering but the best price I can find. Saving you about $20

"The Vibrance of Zen MicroPhoto Be captivated. Be spellbound. Winner of the prestigious Best of CES 2005 award, Zen MicroPhoto features a revolutionary vivid color display, letting you view photos or browse through music playlists from wildly colorful menus. Choose from 10 dramatic colors - and keep up to 4000 songs or thousands of photos by your side and in your pocket."

Deals Direct Offer 2.5% cashback when you login and purchase thru Buckscoop


  • wheadle
    Nod when I work out the cashback do i include gst?
  • Guybrush
    Wow, nice deal and a good cashback! I love Creative players. They really put the features right. I've bought a few other brands and had nothing but problems and missing features. Creative from here on in for me.
  • admin EDITOR
    good feedback - thanks guybrush.
  • jumpingjack
    I don't know Guybrush - I've heard that before but I think it has more to do with Creative having less market share than iPods. So the number of ipods that break is simply going to be way more common because they are so much more popular!
  • nod
    Nod when I work out the cashback do i include gst?
    Wheadle when you calculate cashback on any of the deals you need to first take the GST off. That is, the % cashback is only calculated on the GST excluded price So here the cost is $269 inc GST - $242.10 exc GST cashback 2.25% = $6.05
  • admin EDITOR
    wheadle - the other thing to watch is that you dont include the cost of shipping in the cashback.

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