Creative Labs TravelSound Popz Twinpack 2 for $9.95! @COTD + $5.95 shipping

14 February 2009

Get 2 pairs of these for this price

Sets of Creative Popz Speakers. One blue, and one pink. For him and for her!
Standard 3.5mm headphone input socket. Compatible with the majority of MP3 players and iPods.
Protective Encased pouch. Simply fold and zip it up when you are finished! No separate case needed.
Rich audio from premium micro drivers. Two premium high sensitivity 36mm micro drivers for clear audio.
No batteries or adapters required. The Creative PoPz is powered from your audio devices. Ideal for travelers!


  • sandgroper
  • admin EDITOR
    I imagine you'd get your full $9.95 worth of sound of of them too. The thought of tin cans springs to mind. :)

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