CrazyStu - Ipod Nano 3G Hard Case with belt clip $2.50 incl postage

2 January 2009

Use the haggle feature and $1 is accepted + $1.50 shipping = $2.50 all up.

Colours available Orange, Blue and Clear

Please specify at checkout which colour you prefer
This Apple iPod Nano 3G crystal case gives your Nano protection from scratches and minor drops. This crystal case also gives your iPod Nano a great look and style while protecting it from regular damage. The case is designed to fit the iPod Nano 3G only with the proper cutouts for the buttons, jacks, and connectors for easy access and armband slot for convenience.

* Lightweight hard cover gives your iPod Nano maximum protection
* Fits Both 4GB & 8GB iPod Nano
* Easy to put on and take off
* For use with: Apple iPod
* Compatible with Nano Third Generation iPods


  • nod
    haggle feature :D I like it I am not too keen on Crazystu as a merchant but feedback from Fishmonkey suggest they have good service so will let you lot decide if you want to post their deals
  • lisss
    Why are you not keen on them as a merchant? I bought a usb from them a while ago and had no problems... oh and I've ordered this ipod case as I need a new one with a belt strap, so will let u know how it goes :)

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