- 4GB Mini MP3 Player - $31.41

29 April 2009

Saw this at
Ok I admit it's not a big name brand, but at $31.41 it seems like a good wee mp3 player for the price. Looks pretty similar to the iPod shuffle and when you compare the cheapest price on the ipod 4gb at around $125 to $ again seems pretty good.

The product is in stock at the minute in Silver, Pink & Black.

*Shipping will cost around $9


  • taskel
    Here's a pic of the Apple iPod in conparison to the 4GB Mini MP3
  • fishmonkey
    obviously it has been designed to look like an iPod Shuffle, but the quality of the electronics and firmware/software are what's really important... be interesting to get feedback if someone buys one... has a one year warranty...

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