Crazy Johns Mobile 6 Month Mobile Broadband Plan $198 ($33Per/Month) Includes 3GB per Month & Modem

29 July 2009

Crazy John has just released a 6month mobile broadband plan on the Vodafone network.
Cost is $33per month which gives you 3GB data and usb modem when you sign up for 6months,(min cost $198) still trying to find out the excess charges at this stage.
Could be a good deal for some if you dont download to much or want the freedom of being connected as you travel.
Prepaid options are all so available.


  • fishmonkey
    i couldn't find the excess usage charges anywhere either...
  • lilpretzel
    Same here, not very good for a company to be hiding this information, you could end up with a HUGH bill and not realise.
  • jondoran
    Excess usage is now there - $0.10 per MB (>$100/GB!) But it says "Only national GPRS data usage is included within the $33 monthly charge" - does that mean it is not 3G? That's a pretty big "catch".
  • admin EDITOR
    Hard to tell from their wording isnt it. Their use of the word data there is confusing. Had a good troll through all the other information on the site but still non the wiser.
  • spodosaurus
    They've got this offer with a prepaid pack that sells for $79 at Coles and KMart (100mb credit included). On the outside of the packaging it ONLY mentions 3G, no mention of GPRS. On the leaflet inside the pack for the $33/3GB plan there is also no mention of GPRS as the only source of the data. If you buy the pack and then sign up to the monthly plan you can get $50 back on the price of the modem start pack, making it pretty much the cheapest around at $29! The $100/GB excess fee is fairly typical these days, though VirginBroadband offer shaping if this concerns you. CrazyJohn's deal is with the Vodfone network (Virgin is reselling Optus network).
  • spodosaurus
    Apparently roaming is not enabled on these plans - at least that's what was said to me when I spoke with sales today. Although the sheet they're reading from says GPRS, I asked about 3G and he said that it is a 3G plan - '2G would be too slow'. This part of the conversation was apparently recorded and will be 'kept for 7 years' so if there's a problem I'll have a fall back :) The modem can connect to either, just that 2G network strength seems to be better even though he confirmed I'm in a 3G coverage area. I have to wait until the new SIM is posted to me to start the 3GB/mo plan. EDIT: for the first time the modem auotmatically switched over to 3G from the 2G network - I noticed the speed boost immediately and then saw the modem light had gone from green (2g) to blue (3g).

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