Coves great domain name giveaway

7 August 2008

This is a novel way to launch.

Cove are giving away 2000 top level domains and 500 .au's this Monday as part of their newbie launch. Details are that you need to be a registered member on their forums. Its going to be a heck of a lottery though I expect. The domains will be given away via coupons posted on their site over the course of the whole day. Not sure what the whole day means as they havent specified.

Will keep my eye out to see when they expect to start posting.

Interestingly - I dont know how they're giving the .au domain names away given the need to be a business to register one.


  • nod
    That is a pretty big giveaway to launch their site :) Will have to go and take a look
  • admin EDITOR
    Did anyone end up with a domain name ?
  • bigal
    haha I didnt realise today is the 11th august they were talking about :S

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