COTD - Small Fish - The Complete Desktop Computer System!!! - $299 + Cashback

15 April 2008

Intel Inside! Windows Vista Home Basic Installed!

Internet Ready - Modem, LAN, Sound, DVD, CD Writer - Everything you need in a single system!

1 Year, and 3 Year Extended Warranty Options Available From Dropdown Menu at Checkout!

Limit of 2 Per Member! Very Limited stock available!

Featuring everything you need for study, work and play.

Just $299 for a beautiful COMPLETE system, fantastic new VISTA operating system included! Featuring:

* 2.53Ghz Intel Celeron Processor
* Windows Vista Home Basic Pre-installed - Enjoy the latest in Microsoft OS design! COA and Recovery DVD included.
* 512MB Ram, 80GB HDD
* DVD/CD writer combo drive - Watch movies! Burn Cds!
* 56k V.92 Modem, 100/10 Lan onboard - Internet Ready!
* Matching Powered Speakers, Multimedia Keyboard and Optical Mouse
* 17 Inch CRT Monitor
* The Complete Desktop Computer Solution! Great for Back to School, Work and Play!


  • lisss
    What does everyone think of this?
  • lilpretzel
    Depends on what you want to do with it lisss but to me you can't go wrong for $299 + Shipping. Expired Deal here -
  • admin EDITOR
    Lisss - my thoughts. Celeron processor - fine for low end stuff. Vista home - good enough but will be painful on 512kb RAM. RAM 512kb - you'll want more but its cheap and easy to install. The CRT monitor - you cant really give these away these days. Everything is LCD. Waste of time. 80Gb drive - not much to say given that they provide zip information on what sort of drive - seek time etc. No wireless.....! (but thats only because my life is ruled by it) It doesnt say what graphics driver it uses (onboard is most likely) Check ]this thread for alternatives. The price is good but you can get the equivalent elsewhere for the same or similar. Sorry - am a bit late for your catch but I personally dont think you've missed anything if you didnt buy it.
  • lilpretzel
    Sold Out!!

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