COTD - Pinnacle Soundbridge Home Music System! $99.80 + Shipping + Cashback

24 January 2008

Pinnacle Soundbridge Home Music System!

RRP$299. Wireless Music Player for PC/MAC!

Supports iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Windows MediaConnect, Napster, SD/MMC card and more!

Computers and laptops are literally the hubs of our media, specially when it comes to music. Lets face it, burning CDS, and long stretches of ugly cabling dont cut it anymore. We need something to BRIDGE the gap. Something to wirelessly connect our computers to our HIFIs and speakers and allow us to kickback and control it all via remote control. Retailing for $299 elsewhere (google it!), available on Catch for just $99.95. Bring in the super sexy Pinnacle Soundbridge Home Music System:


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