COTD-Its back! Asus EEE PC Ultraportable 7" Laptop $327 plus $14.95 shipping inc 2yr warranty

13 June 2008

Listed under small fish.

Display: 7 Inch, 800 x 480 WVGA TFT
Dimensions: 225mm(W) x 160mm(D) x 20mm~ 32mm(H)
Weight: 922g (With Battery)
Battery Pack: 4 cells
Intel Mobile CPU 900Mhz
512MB DDR2 Ram
4GB SSD (Solid State Drive) Hard Drive
Intel UMA Onboard Graphics
High Definition Audio Codec
Built in Stereo Speakers
10/100 Ethernet Port
802.11 b/g Wireless
VGA Output
3 USB 2.0 Ports
Headphone output
Microphone input
0.3M Webcam
Operating System: Linux Preloaded, Windows XP Compatible (Driver inside)


  • sandgroper
  • admin EDITOR
    it makes me wonder why COTD are pumping these out. They're fairly recent.
  • jockreby2003
    They're a superceded model I think. Still, for the price...
  • admin EDITOR
    Which are the newbies then? I can see how they'd be useful as a travelling around machine for the basics of editing and viewing.
  • wicksey85
    i want one of these so bad, but had to talk myself out of it. already got a laptop, this would be too expensive a toy.
  • admin EDITOR
    I can imagine it'd bog down in speed pretty quickly once you started working on it and being linux would be a pain unless you knew what you were doing.
  • sandgroper
    I have one of these, got it for the wife when she's travelling. Quite capable little machine, does all the usual email, browsing, webcam chat, plays divx movies etc...fits in her handbag! I cant fault it for the price, though the later model is better its a lot more money too.

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