COTD: HP Pavilion DV2806TX $788 delivered after cashback + bucky. 2GB/2.4GHz/250GB/NVidia 8400M GS

26 August 2008

I already have enough laptops but for anyone interested this looks like a good deal:

* Free backpack
* 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T8300 with 3MB level 2 cache
* Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS Graphics
* 250GB Hard drive
* LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD +/- RW with Double Layer Support
* 14.1 WXGA High Definition BrightView Widescreen Display. 1280 x 800 resolution.
* Ethernet 10/100BT integrated network interface and High speed 56k Modem
* Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection
* Altec Lansing Speakers
* Touch Pad with On/Off button and dedicated vertical Scroll Up/Down pad, volume control, mute buttons, 2 Quick Launch Buttons
* ExpressCard/54 slot (also supports ExpressCard/34)
* External ports:
5-in-1 integrated Digital Media Reader for Secure Digital cards, MultiMedia cards, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, xD Picture cards, VGA, 2 x USB 2.0, RJ-11, RJ-45, 2 stereo headphones, External microphone, IEEE 1394, Consumer IR, S-Video-out, Expansion port 3
* Dimensions 33.40 cm (L) x 23.70 cm (W) x 2.60 cm (min H) / 3.90 cm (max H)
* Weight 2.54 kg
* Security: Kensington lock
* Power: 90 W AC Power Adapter, 6-cell Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery
* HP Pavilion Webcam with intergrated microphone included
* Operating System: Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium (32 bit)

The bad:
* No gigabit ethernet, only 100mbit
* No HDMI digital video output
* Free delivery is with paypal only.

Sale ends midday Wednesday

You cannot claim any cash back on this laptop. The model number is not eligible for cash back from HP. COTD mislead customers!
- Klieu


  • nod
    Thanks Closey. Good spec for the price. 2.54kg for a 14inch is pretty heavy though :eek: The HP pavillion I used to have was a bit of a brick too but that was 17 inch. The kensington lock and the bag are nice extras :)
  • bigal
    I think they ran out early in the arvo...
  • Klieu
    What they advertised was wrong! I followed their link to the HP cash back website to check whether the laptop model was eligible for $100 cash back and I saw that model mentioned on the webpage. However,when I checked the real HP cash back website this morning,the model was changed to DV2806TU,it was not the one ending in TX as advertised by them. That was misleading information! Their invoice does not state the model of the laptop that I bought nor does it state that my purchase included a laptop backpack. In fact, I could not claim $50 cach back on the backpack anyway. I rang them up and they said:"There was an issue with the laptop yesterday and there will definitely be an email coming out to members today to inform them about it. Other than that, I cannot help you with anything because I don't work for COTD". That was what a guy named Mick from Daily Deals said to me. Members please be aware of this in the future. I'm still waiting for their email!
  • Jason82
    DV2806TX is an oversea model, same as the HP Pavilion dv2839TX Entertainment in Aussie... Great price, but should also check warranty in Au
  • nod
    Interesting post Klieu Very misleading of them if indeed you are not able to claim the cashback with HP. I do have one question though. If you rang the number for COTD then why did someone from Daily Deals answer and then say that they don't work for COTD? Anyone else confused? And they are owned by the same company me thinks
  • Klieu
    Well, what happened was that I,first,rang COTD phone number and entered a menu where if you select any of the options that relate to customer service enquiries,they would tell you to send an email to However,after trying several options and still could not get to speak to someone,I decided to call them again and instead of choosing any options,I waited for assistance from an operator. He then told me he worked for Daily Deals and would only be able to assist me with Daily Deals enquiries. When I started saying the information given on the website was misleading,the guy immediately said he would find the answer for me. After a while,he came back and said to me he had confirmed with someone and was told that COTD acknowledged there was an issue with the cash back offer and there would be emails coming out to customers about that today. However, until now 11:30pm, I haven't received any emails from them. I have sent an email to them demanding explanations and resolutions. I'm waiting for their answer until Friday. If they do not contact me by Friday,I'll report this to Consumers Affairs and ACCC on Monday next week
  • gstok
    CoTD (still) suck. Insist that you'll do a credit card chargeback if not satisfied. Will cost them money. And be sure to check that your warranty is valid in Australia *WITH HP* - not a 3rd party. If it's an overseas model I can't see how HP Australia supports it.
  • lilpretzel
    Thats sooooo wrong, great we have the details posted. Klieu don't forget to check your account history on DD and see whats stated. I would take a snap shot since they didn't state the model on your invoice but should in your history ;) It's a real shame that QQQ from has disappeared as I thought he was here to help the members. :whistling:
  • Klieu
    I checked my account history already. It still states my purchase as HP Pavilion Entertainment Laptop. Until now, I have not heard anything from them about the laptop issue. No emails have been sent to me! What that guy said about"emails coming out today to inform members of the issue" was rubbish! I'm not even sure if the COTD model is supported by HP Australia but I think there might be a chance as it seems HP has international warranty. People do not buy anything from COTD/Daily Deals that promises you cash back. Everything is bullshit! They take your money and then shut their doors down and not response to you! Call them-->email COTD please; email them-->no response!!!!What sort of service is that!
  • AussieMarkMelb
    Hi there, I brought a laptop also recently but not this one from COTD. It was advertised as black and it came as silver hah so I didn't want it so I sold it to my brother at cost price. Anyway it took me A very long time and research but I was able to find a working COTD direct number. All the other numbers I was able to find were disconnected or wrong company / person. This persons name is Gabby - 0421 707 744 (a male Gabby). I hope it is okay to post it here. I called him and he was able to look at my order and speak to me straight away.
  • Klieu
    Thank you very much for your help and time! I really appreciate your offer of help! by the way, just to update on this, COTD actually offered to upgrade my laptop to DV4-1041 TX at the same price that I paid and I was still able to claim $150 cash back from HP. I received the laptop and backpack in perfect condition! The laptop looks beautiful with piano finish and I'm very happy with it now! After cash back,the price I pay for this laptop is only $849 (free delivery)! It was a fantastic offer from COTD! I think they chose to upgrade my laptop because they could not source the same model to give me cash back from HP so they chose something similar or better to avoid legal issues with their advertisement on the website!
  • AussieMarkMelb
    Ah very happy for you. I was considering buying this also but was worried about the graphics card overheating. Looks like a great deal though

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