COTD - CONIA 19 Inch Widescreen LCD TV, Digital Tuner Built In! $298 + Bonus + Cashback

6 May 2008

CONIA 19 Inch Widescreen LCD TV - Conia CLCD1930SD

RRP$499. 1080i Ready, Digital Tuner Built In!

BONUS Massive Sofa Bean Bag with every Bite!

Why compromise your viewing experience any longer? Bite today and pickup a beautiful Conia 19 Inch LCD TV HD Ready, with digital tuner for just $298. We are talking about the kind of flat panel that would cost you upwards of $499 normally.

Featuring a resolution of 1400 x 900, HDTV compatible (1080i/720p), with a built in Digital Tuner!

* Conia 19 Inch LCD TV
* Superb 1400 x 900 resolution
* Beautiful 19 Inches of screen real estate Thats 48cm!
* Built in Digital Tuner!
* Compatible with 12V Dc Input Perfect for caravans and cars!
* HDTV Ready: 1080i/720p
* Contrast ratio: 1500:1
* Brightness: 500cd/m
* Wide 170 degree viewing angle
* 6.5ms response time
* Fantastic range of input options:
* Full function remote control
* Speakers and desktop stand included!
* BONUS Sofa bean bag with every bite!

Lets not forget that with every bite today you pick up a massive Sofa Bean Bag (beans not included) - it really is a no brainer!


  • lilpretzel
    You will recieve a 50% discount on the shipping charge for every additional item in your shopping cart/order. You will only pay full price shipping for the item with the highest shipping charge.
    [LIST] [*][SIZE=2]Australian Capital Territory Shipping = $34.95[/SIZE][/LIST][LIST] [*][SIZE=2]Victoria Shipping = $19.95[/SIZE][/LIST][LIST] [*][SIZE=2]New South Wales Shipping = $29.95[/SIZE][/LIST][LIST] [*][SIZE=2]Northern Territory Shipping = $59.95[/SIZE][/LIST][LIST] [*][SIZE=2]Queensland Shipping = $39.95[/SIZE][/LIST][LIST] [*][SIZE=2]South Australia Shipping = $29.95[/SIZE][/LIST][LIST] [*][SIZE=2]Tasmania Shipping = $34.95[/SIZE][/LIST][LIST] [*][SIZE=2]Western Australia Shipping = $54.95[/SIZE][/LIST]
  • ozpete
    A little thing to be aware of - its says HDTV compatible vs "ready" and has a digital tuner. So the digital tuner may only be a SD tuner. Now in a small screen (vs the 32" or greater) the resolution is not really an issue, BUT with Channel 7 and 10 offering different content on HD broadcasts a SD tuner cannot receive these broadcasts, so while you can get digital TV broadcasts you cant get all the broadcast channels. You would be able to do this with the addition of a HD set top box, but thats extra money and you have to have two remotes etc maybe someone else has more info on this as the specs as presented by COTD are not clear
  • mrdravid
    Looks like it is a SD Tuner. On the site it says (just under the item description): Why spend another day staring into that dull, tiny old TV you bought years ago? 19 inch LCD TV, widescreen for just $299? WILD! With a built in SD Digital tuner? INSANE. Let’s not forget that with every bite today you pick up a massive Sofa Bean Bag (beans not included) - it really is a no brainer!
  • ozpete
    nice pickup - thanks - so being SD tuner does have limitations to be aware of.
  • admin EDITOR
    How can they sell it as HD compatible when its SD ?
  • mrdravid
    I take it that means you can buy a HD set top box, hook it up and you will see better picture quality over the SD option. A non HD ready TV won't see any picture improvement if you plugged a HD box in.
  • admin EDITOR
    Cheers Mrdavid :)
  • ozpete
    Technically they shouldn't say HDTV ready its hd ready HDTV ready means its got a HD tuner built in. I just returned a TV to ITestate because it was wrongly labelled as HDTV vs HD ready. All credit to ITestate, they refunded purchase price and paid for the return admitting it was a mistake and apologising for that.
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - lucky - good outcome and credit to ITestate.

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