COTD - 7 Inch Deluxe Media Frame $59.95 + P&H

2 July 2008

7 Inch Deluxe Media Frame

512MB Onboard! Play Photos, Videos and Music!

Massive format support: JPEG/ MP3/AVI/SD/MMC/CF

Pick up a 1GB SD card with your Media Frame for just $9.95 using the dropdown menu at checkout

WOW. Insane catch today, for just $59.95 you pick up a fantastic 7 inch media frame. That's right - MEDIA FRAME. It's a classic digital photo frame on steroids - you can watch videos, listen to music and of course browse your photo collection using the plethora of input options - or 512MB onboard memory!

Superb picture quality - must be seen to be believed! Beautiful 7 Inch viewable area

512MB Memory Onboard - transfer your files directly to the media frame! Expandable via SD/MMC/CF/USB

Supports JPEG/MP3/AVI - Photos, Music and Video!

Accepts inputs from built in SD/MMC/CF card reader and USB. Playback images, movies and music from external USB devices such as flash drives and card readers!

Simply shoot photos on your camera in jpg format, and play the back on the Photo Frame instantly! Just plug in the memory card! Watch your photos with your music playing in the background.

Control photo playback, zoom, rotate, slideshow and transition modes using the bundled credit card sized wireless remote!

Built in Speakers - playback photos and listen to music at the same time!


  • admin EDITOR
    on first glance I thought this was expensive but after checking the cost of 7" photoframes its actually not bad.
  • dealhunter08
    they ran out of the first ones.. its now only photos.. the first one was video + photos and had a 512mb memory..

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