COTD: 3x Sets of PHILLIPS In-Ear Headphones $8.95 + $7.95post (rrp$60)

6 December 2008

3 x Philips In-Ear Headphones SBCHE250SRP$60+ Perfect for iPod, iPhone, MP3 and More!

3 sets of Philips SBCHE250 In-Ear Headphones for $8.95
3.5mm standard headphone connector, perfect for iPod, iPhone, Mp3 players, MP3 enabled phones and much more!
Neodymium magnet enhances bass performance and sensitivity.
Twin vents balance the high sounds and bass tones.
15mm speaker driver optimizes wearing comfort.
Ear cushions improve wearing comfort and bass response.
Durable Flexi-Grip makes a strong flexible connection.

60 Day Warranty

If you're like me, you go through headphones pretty often and it doesn't hurt to have extras for backup :D (Esp decent ones at a decent price)


  • admin EDITOR
    Is it just me or do other people also have issues getting these sort of headphones to stay in.
  • bigal
    I think the problems is that they are not designed for donkey ears :P .... i actually dont listen to music and dont use hands free phone dohickeys so I dont personally know ....
  • admin EDITOR
    I think the problems is that they are not designed for donkey ears :P
    :D what I want to know is whether the little covers that you can get which fit over them work.
  • quantocks
    I HATE these headphones, I can never get them to stay in my ear. perhaps my ears are weird.
  • admin EDITOR
    only as wierd as mine...... thats why I wonder whether the silicon fitovers are any good at stopping them falling off. I'm tempted to buy a pair of headphones as the apple ones that I have are crap in that they just dont stay in.
  • quantocks
    my girlfriend has the silicone headphones, its like a ball that expands in your ear, still fall out of my head. So i stick with the huge old school headphones :> they also cancel noise. so they are sweet.
  • queenshrew
    I have no problems using these ones at all :D Maybe I have small ear holes? lol

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