Compaq Presario C731TU Notebook at Officeworks $549 delivered

11 April 2008

Its not the worlds best machine, but with a ram upgrade to 1 gig it'll be fine for just simple browsing or word processing stuff and $549 is pretty cheap. I'm also impressed that it has a dual layer burner and integrated webcam.

Processor:Intel Celeron M540 1.86GHz
RAM: 512MB
Hard Drive: 80GB
Screen: 15.4" Widescreen LCD
OS:Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic
Supermulti Dual Layer 8x DVD Burner
Communications: 56KBps modem, 802.11b/g wireless LAN, 10/100 LAN, Integrated Webcam
Ports/Slots:3xUSB 2.0, S-Video Out

Its only available in NSW and QLD unfortunately. You pay $699 at the door, and then the further $150 off is by mail in rebate from Compaq.

We cant deeplink into the site so use the link to get to the main page and then search for HEPREC731 in the search box.


  • nod
    What are you looking at for a Ram upgrade Admin? Looks like a good basic machine. :)
  • admin EDITOR
    The mail in rebate terms and conditions can be ]found here.
  • sandgroper
    Looks like a bargain to me, the new Celeron M's are pretty capable cpu's too. With Vista basic I suspect that 512meg ram will be enough for surfing and basic office tasks.
  • admin EDITOR
    The officeworks price has been as low as $647 for this machine so the $699 they have it at now is a bit crappy - I searched around to find out whether it was cheaper elsewhere but as its a fairly old model couldnt find it. So if you like it you may well be able to find it cheaper than at officeworks and the mail in rebate will still apply. You should be able to pick up 2 Gig of RAM for it for about $57 or so from MSY - or 1 gig for $26 from ITEstate ( And this thread is worth reading
  • port
    There's limited stock of this machine at DSE.
  • admin EDITOR
    DSE had it listed for $697. Better spread of shops showing it available - ie not limited to NSW and QLD only - but they dont do online orders for some stupid reason. Whats with the dual prices on the site for the same machine ? $723 for the 'web' version and $697 for instore..... !
  • nod
    Whats with the dual prices on the site for the same machine ? $723 for the 'web' version and $697 for instore..... !
    They factor is shipping and handling and then advertise free shipping??? :eek: In my way of thinking the online order should always be cheaper and the shipping fees kept to a min. To keep a brick and mortar store with staff etc must cost these guys a fortune
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - since when has marketing and sales followed logic. More a suckeminandscrewem logic.

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