COMFY KEYBOARD - kids 12m-5yrs - keyboard skills. Buy from US & save.

18 March 2008

This is a keyboard I have been looking for for a while; having found some software at an opp shop about 2 years ago!

I can buy it locally for $129 Aussie, and I have found it available online for $139 Aussie. The cheapest I have seen it is on eBay (US), but postage is criminal ($46US).

Barnes & Noble have the keyboard (with First Steps game) for $59.95 (equal cheapest to anything at a real US store). Postage to Aus from $13 something (I paid $15 something for priority).

Use attached coupon for 25% OFF - discount of nearly $15.


  • ScarletRubies
  • Michelle2154
    Ive just started looking for something like this for my 4 year old and almost 2 year old, can you tell me if they have american accents or english? I listened to the leap frog one and it was a really strong American accent so was wondering if this one was the same? My computer still doesnt have sound for some things and this one didnt have any sound so i couldnt hear what it was like. Also does it plug into your TV or computer? I think i want one that i can plug into the TV. Anything else you can tell me about any of these i would be greatful. thanx' Michelle2154
  • Keeys
    I'd be interested in feedback from anyone who has one also :)
  • ScarletRubies
    I don't know yet, but will happily let you know when the keyboard arrives in a couple of weeks. It does plug into the PC, not TV (I'm thinking of getting my husband to set up another system for the kids; requirements aren't great). Not sure on accents. I imagine they'll be US, but I don't know how strong. The Leap Frog stuff in Australia should have British voices - at least, ours do, and say "zed" which is one of my bug-bears. I think the boxes are marked. That said, my kids (also 4 and 2) don't really care that much for the Leap stuff. My 4 y/o is wanting to be on the PC but doesn't have good mouse control yet. She's a You Tube junkie and loves watching Wiggles clips! I have a friend with a lot of the games consoles; her kids used Nintendos and stuff like that from fairly young - I think 6ish? They've gone with a Wii recently and love it. My kids haven't used them yet, but I think they're the only type you plug into the TV. Oh, no - there's something called V-Tech I think - but again, I haven't used it.
  • Keeys
    Hey Rubie I was wondering if yours had arrived ? Maybe you could do a review for us?
  • ScarletRubies
    Hi Keeys; nope, not here yet. I *finally* got my order from Indulge Fashion on Friday (after more than 6 weeks!), so I guess I have all the proof I need that I live at the end of the earth. This order from B&N will be 14 business days come Monday (the longest ETA I was given when it shipped), so if it doesn't arrive I'll drop them a line.
  • Keeys
    I'm still waiting on my order from indulge fashion *YAWN* Cool I look forward to hearing how it goes. My little man is only 1 but is good to check out what out and about.

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