Chimei 22 inch Wide LCD Monitor for $281.80 including freight...

22 May 2008

My old great grandpapa used to say that you can never have enough 22 inch widescreen LCD monitors and you know what, I tend to agree with him. Truly, no matter how many of these bad boys we sell, we just can't stop the emails coming into the Zazz offices saying things like "when are you going to get the 22 inch monitors back?" and "how long till you get some more 22 inchers?" and "Greetings, friend, from West Africa!"

So, consider today a bowing down to public pressure as we bring back the fantastic Chimei 22" Widescreen Digital LCD Monitors!

So let's get the basics out of the way first: the Chimei 228As are huge monitors. They're astronomical, colossal, gargantuan, gigantic and about five other words from my Oxford student's thesaurus. And they're black. They're capable of a truly ridiculous 1680x1050 display resolution, they boast an amazing widescreen aspect ratio, they've got a hugely versatile viewing range and they weigh much MUCH less than the competition (around 4.5kg). And they're black. Couple that with the enormous viewing areas and remember that if you have a TV tuner card for your PC, you can now commence the garbaging of your crappy CRT television. Oh - and did I mention that they're black?

Beyond their size and colour, however, today's zazz'm are also incredibly feature packed device. They feature a super fast five millisecond response time, a zero dead-pixel policy, they're PC and Mac compatible, they have an anti-glare panel surface - not that it matters because sif you have a window in your "war room". Also featuring 16.7 million colours, high brightness and contrast capabilities and a low sub-50w power consumption, these monitors are simply amazing.

But it's not just the size and features that make me tremble at the knees from simply thinking of today's zazz'm - although they're obviously MAJOR factors - it's the host of possibilities that spring to mind and the array of doors that open simply by owning a beast like one (or two or three) of these. They're perfect for programming (since you can fit more characters on a line), for graphic design (since you can fit more images on the screen) and they were pretty much MADE for gaming (since you can turn the resolution WAY up). Couple a monitor like one of these with a high powered video card and you're in computer utopia - but even without they're still pretty awesome screens. On a disappointing note, there is no DVI input on this babe, but it is still impressive!

Most impressive of all, though, is the price. A 22 inch monitor with these specifications would normally cost you a little fortune, but today only, we've secured these incredible monitors for you at less than $267.90 plus shipping! This is the best price on a 22 inch widescreen monitor I've ever seen - and when coupled with Chimei's amazing 21-day zero dead pixel warranty and three year on-site pickup, it's seriously the greatest deal on monitors in the history of the Internets.

Grab yours today - they won't be here tomorrow.


  • admin EDITOR
    Good price holdenmg. The Chimei have a pretty good reputation for a low end screen. Cant remember what panels they use but they're mainstream branded ones.
  • nod
    Thanks Holdenmg. I just had a quick price compare and it appears that you can get the Chimei 228A from Shopping Square for $259.95 + $18 shipping = $277.95 - saving you $5 - not a huge amount in the scheme of things Looks like Shopping Square have this price until midnight Sunday
    Pixel Pitch: 0.282mm Resolution: 1680X1050 WSXGA+ Display Color: 16.7M Brightness: 330 cd/m2 Contrast Ratio: 1200:1 Viewing Angle (Horizontal): 170° Viewing Angle (Vertical): 160° Scan Rate (Horizontal): 30 kHz ~ 82 kHz Scan Rate (Vertical): 56 Hz ~ 76 Hz Display Area: 474 mm × 296 mm Response time: 5 ms Dynamic Contrast Ratio:4000:1
  • kingyubbo
    Not bad, but you'd be surprised that most of the 22" LCD Monitors are around the $300 mark, even the higher quality Dell/Samsung/Asus models
  • Wally
    Chimei make a Model (V?) that has a DVI digital input - this model (A) doesn't have one! .. and a pity they stopped 30 lines short of 1080
  • nod
    DVI digital input gives a better picture Wally?
  • Wally
    Many would argue that is case and as it is a modern protocol primarily designed for flat panels whereas VGA was designed for older analog CRT monitors - has less possible analog disortion possibility and as it is a modern port it allows easier connection to modern visual devices eg set top box etc
  • admin EDITOR
    and the native communication is binary. With the analogue signal the excitation that is applied to a single pixel may bleed to others nearby. With a binary input each pixel is set to its particular colour in a self contained manner. At least thats my understanding of it I was using a 22" Samsung the other day - non DVI - which had a fair amount of bleed on the colours. The crispness of image just wasnt there. Having said that it doesnt make a huge difference if all you are doing is using it for basic work applications.
  • trevorf
    Most of the 22" range from all companies are 6bit TN panels, which are kinda like your budget stuff. They're generally fine, but not as accurate as other panel types, hence the ~300 dollar price range.

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