Cheap Western Digital 1TB Essentials 3.5 Hard Drive FREE Delivery (online purchase)

11 July 2008

This is the cheapest way to join the terabyte club IMO.

According to the Officeworks website, you can get free delivery with any purchase over $50.

Product No. SYWDHIU1TB

Easy to setup, Easy to use - This drive is all about simplicity. Plug it into your computer's USB 2.0 port and start saving.

1TB Capacity

USB 2.0 Interface

7,200RPM disk with 8.9ms average seek time

Weight: 1.15kg

3 year Manufacturer's Warranty

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    thanks ncornelius and welcome to buckscoop. For anyone following this link officeworks site still uses frames and you cant deeplink directly to a product. If you use SYWDHIU1TB in the search box it'll bring up this product. $249 is still a good price for this drive. Officeworks did have it out for $199 a while back which was stunning - but then it went back up.

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