cheap printers - HP Multifunction Printer F2179 $35 after cash back @ Oz Post

30 April 2008

HP Multifunction Printer F2179 $35 after cash back
not sure what the quality is like?

Also cheap Canon, Lexmark and Epson


  • nod
    Thanks Bowersnest. I just added a bit more info to your deal title :) Hope you don't mind
  • jinx
    Thank you for sharing, sister is after a new printer and you can't beat $35 , Cheers
  • Bowersnest
    add away nod - thinking of getting the HP myself - would love to know if they are any good - couldn't find any reviews
  • dustbunni
    We bought one before christmas to use as a spare/emergency printer , they had the cash back offer then also great little compact printed Used it once and never stopped using it , the big multifunction is collecting dust now with its non refillable ink cartridges I can take the HP ink cartridges to the cartridgr shop and they refill them so thats a savings too
  • Bowersnest
    thanks dustbunni - think I'm sold!

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