Cheap 60GB portable USB2 drive

29 December 2006

Was in Officeworks QV in Melbourne and saw this on the shelf for $99.
Seriously good deal - retails elsewhere from $140-160. Dont know if it was just this store or nationwide.


  • nod
    Hi Matt thanks for the post. This is a great deal. Welcome to Buckscoop :)
  • admin EDITOR
    Nice one mattg - was this part of their sale bin ? They dont have an equivalent on their site so it must be in an in store deal. Did you buy one ?
  • mattg
    It was on the shelf. Its a bit strange as this product was only released in the last couple of months. PI Date is November 2006. Yeah I bought one. I know 2 others who did as well. The lady said she sold 12 on Thursday when I purchased mine!
  • admin EDITOR
    :D and I bet she was none the wiser as to why the heck they'd sold so many after. Its great when you come across bargains like this. Be interesting to hear whether they're just in the one store or all.

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