CentreCom - Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 1000 Black USB - $9.99

2 September 2009

Not a bad price for this wee mouse, cheap enough to buy and keep as a back up incase your regular mouse gives up. It's wired too, if you hate having to worry about charging, or buying batteries.

Seems to be priced at at least $20 everywhere else.


  • betaman
    I've had a MS comfort mouse before. The scroll button tends to stick a bit, making you feel like you are trying to turn a cogwheel. Threw it away and bought the most basic MS mouse which works very well.
  • admin EDITOR
    Sticky cogwheels are annoying. I had the wheel on the mighty mouse I use do the same the other day. Stupidly to get in there and clean them means breaking the mouse apart - not very smart design. So I took it back and they swapped it for a newbie which I really dont get. The mouse is fine it just needs the rollers cleaned.

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