centre.com: WD 2TB external hard drive for $99

1 January 2012

Will confess to seeing this at another site [I know.... I've strayed... and I felt dirty... but Buckscoop will always be my number one ;-) ], but definitely a good deal. They actually suggested going to Officeworks and having them price match - so first person to do that will get 5% off so you end up paying just over $94.... but soon the price will drop to $99 everywhere at Officeworks to match..... might take 'em a little longer to do it due to people being on leave though....

As with the Aldi drive special, this is a really decent deal given the cost of hard drives now, plus you can always crack open the case and get the drive if you need an internal job.... although it's probably no speed demon. But, use an SSD to boot from and the other for storage (plus maybe another for backups) and [digital] life could be quite nice!

What do you think?

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