Catchoftheday - Philips Infrared Wireless Headphones $39.95 + $6.95 shipping

30 April 2010

I have a pair and find them really comfortable for late night tv when the family are in bed.

* Sound 18 - 20 000 Hz frequency range
* 108 dB sensitivity
* 32 mm speaker diameter
* Tuner/Reception/Transmission: >30 dB channel separation
* 7m effective range
* 2.3 MHz (L) - 2.8 MHz (R) carrier frequency range
* FM modulation
* Convenience: +/- 30 hours (alkaline) operating time
* Power: 2 x 1.5 V R03/AAA headphone power supply
* AC/DC adapter 12V/200 mA transmitter power supply


  • scupper
    How's the quality? I've got a radio frequency version (900MHz) that suffers from hissing. Do you lose reception if you turn your head?
  • sandgroper
    I sit around 12ft away from the tv and dont have a problem there with the signal, nip to the kitchen and loose line of sight and yes hiss then though.

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