Catch of the Day - Technothon Top Tech brand deals w/- $10 Shipping cap

24 March 2011

Top Brand IT/Electronics, Some great prices!
Apple, Sony, Belkin, Samsung, HP, Asus & MORE

Samsung 640GB Portable 2.5"HDD with latest USB 3.0 connection for $69

Logitech S-520 Wireless Laser Desktop for $29.95
lower than prices on Static Ice ~ $6

Genuine Microsoft Xbox360 250GB Hard Drive for $69.95 (not for Slimline ver)
Official HD - not Chinese refurbs or hacked HDs with no local warranty

seems to be some of the better deals imho

Edit: Also those barebone Shuttle XT35 PC
can use FREE downloadable XMBC to make small foot print Home Theatre PCs

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