Catch of the Day - Quikpod Pro hand held mono pod $27.95 + post

2 November 2009

QuikPod Pro Tripod - ideal for taking photos of yourself when you can't someone else to take it for you. Have seen these for around $40

Now you can take photos yourself with this lightweight and compact Quikpod. An extendable handheld tripod that attaches easily to any camera or camcorder.

* Compact and lightweight (High quality polycarbonate and aluminum components for strength,durability and portability)
* Extends to 470mm and collapses to 190mm weighs 100grams
* Perfect for Travel
* Maximum weight of camera is 450grams
* Attaches easily and fits all cameras and camcorders

PS there is also another model called Quikpod Explorer which is longer (98cm) available elsewhere

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