Catch Of The Day - Philips Headphones From $4.95

15 April 2009

actually some pretty good deals on some nice looking (and hopefully sounding ... i just bought a bunch) philips headphones

starting to sell out ...

Free shipping if you spend more than $50


  • lilpretzel
    Thanks Gupta, just added a image and fixed the title for you ;)
  • spodosaurus
    How much are they charging for shipping?
  • Gupta
    It's somewhere on their website from memory it was $4.95 on the first item and half that on each subsequent item ... drives up the cost quite rapidly ...
  • fishmonkey
    hehe, i wouldn't expect too much from headphones that cheap, but good luck anyway! this is a great site for info and recommendations for headphones in all kinds of different categories and budgets:

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