Catch of the Day-Logitech DiNovo Wireless Keyboard $49.95 when Purchased with Main Catch

12 January 2010

I'm usually skeptical of catch of the day but this is a very good price. The keyboard typically sells above $100 so even with the $7 shipping cost added in its still very good value.

Now can only be purchased with the Main Catch of The Day deal for $49.95 with Free Shipping for this keyboard. This information shows up when keyboard is added to Cart - Golfwidow


  • queenshrew
    You cannot buy this keyboard alone anymore. You need to purchase something and buy this keyboard with free shipping (pay for other item +shipping for the other item).
  • golfwidow
    Thanks again Queenie :)
  • admin EDITOR
    ta queenie.
  • queenshrew
    Thanks again Queenie :)
    No probs ^^ But thought I would add that... you don't actually have to buy the main catch of the day. You can buy one of the small fish on the side, and still be eligible to buy the keyboard :D

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