Catch of the Day - iPod Dock AM/FM Radio Alarm Clock $29.80 + 3 Bonus iPod nano covers + Cashback

11 March 2008

Fits All iPods With 10 Removable Inserts/Converters included!
Connect ANY other media player with auxiliary 3.5mm audio input!

Plus 3 Bonus Cygnett Nano Covers

iPod dock features:
* Digital alarm clock, wake up to your iPod, radio or buzzer
* Recharge your iPod
* 10 Removable inserts to connect your iPod model of choice including new generation!
* LED Clock Display
* Sleep switch with auto music cut out
* Snooze control
* Twin speakers listen to your iPod, radio or attach any other device using the 3.5mm auxiliary input.
* Compact size perfect for your bedside or office desk.

$29.80 + shipping.


  • lilpretzel
    Shipping is around $7.95 If you plan on spending $50+ at COTD don't forget to use this voucher. ]COTD - Free shipping + Jamie Oliver DVD when you spend more than $50* & pay by paypal ( ** Offer may only be redeemed by members who have joined on or after the 5th of March, 2008 )
  • creeno
    Interestingly, I attempted to use that voucher Lil - but was unable to do so as it was only valid for people who had created a COTD account from 05 March onwards...
  • lilpretzel
    ooops my silly, thanks for that creeno. I did note that in one other deal but as you can see totally forgot it here :o Maybe you can sign up a member of the family so it can be used ;)
  • mikepspencer
    Target have a Teac CD/Clock Radio/ipod Dock with remote on sale from Thursday 13th for $99 for a week for those who want a CD Player as well

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